• The information you need to have ready to mark your baggage via our system is as follows.You do not have to enter your personal information

    All services are free of charge.

    How does it work;

    • Take a picture of your luggage. Your flight information; have information such as flight time, date, from where and where to go.
    • Click on the "Save" button to add the desired information and baggage image from the Mark Your Bag->Registration page
    • At the bottom of the page you have completed your registration;
    • Registration Code Send to Whatsapp
    • Registration Code Send to SMS
    • E-mail Send with Registration Code
    • You will see the links. Here the system will give you a Registration Code of 32 digits letters and numbers for you to store. The system will keep the pictures and information of your baggage with the Registration Code for 90 days after your flight date.
    • You can access this information in the SEARCH section of the image with the transaction code.
    • If your baggage does not reach your flight when your flight is reached, you must go to the relevant LOST & FOUND office of your airline company in accordance with the legal responsibility of the airport.
    • Again, as a matter of legal responsibility, the LOST & FOUND office will create a lost report on your behalf and initiate your baggage search on the basis of the relevant airports for your luggage.
    • That's where we come in, you can see all the airports of your world by questioning your suitcase image on our website if you give your Registration Code as additional information about the image of your suitcase when you hold your report.
    • This information clearly describes what they are looking for.
    Upload Image of Luggage from this page.

  • Damaged luggage services; If your luggage is damaged as a result of your travel by any airway, the Lost & Found office of the related companies will provide you with a damage report. With this report you will be directed to your airline's website or customer service for your compensation request. You can contact the airline by your Registration number and let tell them know that you can reach all the documents from here.

    • Image of damage report
    • Image of bag tag number
    • Image of luggage damaged side
    • Image of boarding pass
    You can register from this page.