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How does it work;

1. Take a picture of your luggage. Your flight information; have information such as flight time, date, time, where and where to go.

2. Click on the "Save" button to add the desired information and baggage image from the BagsFollow homepage,


At the bottom of the page you have completed your transaction;

Action OK Send to Code Whatsapp

Action OK Send SMS

E-mail Send OK Code


You will see the links. Here the system will give you a code of 32 digits letters and numbers that will be OK for you to store. The system will keep the pictures and information of your baggage with the transaction code in your account for 90 days after your flight date. You can access this information in the SEARCH section of the image with the transaction code.

3. If your baggage does not reach your flight when your flight is reached, you must go to the relevant LOSS GOODS office of your airline company in accordance with the legal responsibility of the airport.

4. Again, as a matter of legal responsibility, the LOSS Office will create a loss report on your behalf and initiate your baggage search on the basis of the relevant airports for your luggage.

5. That's where we come in, you can see all the airports of your world by questioning your suitcase on our website if you give your transaction code as additional information about the image of your suitcase when you hold your report.

Thanks to our web page, it will increase the probability of your suitcase presence.



The system (web page) has 3 parts.

1 The main entrance without any password for open axess to everyone especially the passengers.

The passengers load their bagages photos before taking travel to the system and after the travel if there is no passengers bagages at the arrival airport, they can sort bagages pictures by using sorting system with departure airport name and the travel base date on the system. After this they can see the lost bagages pictures on the system easily.
After the sorting on the system, if the passengers noticed that their own bagages pictures on the system, they can just click the their own baggages picture on the system page than after the clicking you can see the a new page for asking AHL ref numbers so this system needed this AHL REF NUMBER on the system.
After the writing the AHL number on the system, the web page matches the AHL number and ONHAND numbers on the system automatically.

2 The second section that just handling companies and airline companies can acess.

Every handling companies for each all airports need to have different user names and different passwords
Airline companies also have to get different passwords and different user names for each airline names.

After Handling companies opening the main page, 3 diferent pages that see on the system.

a ONHAND listing
b ONHAND recording
c ONHAND matching

ONHAND recording for handling companies:

A baggage without any labels, the handling company give the uniq baggage numbers and bagages pictures to the system that make recording.

ONHAND listing:

Thesse recorded baggages listed on the system by using referance numbers with pictures. Next to the after listing bagagges, there are 2 buttoms which names are updated and deleted. If you need it, you can delete or updated this active page.

ONHAND matching:

They matched that passengers baggages information and handling ONHAND numbers.

3 The thirt page that for airport companies can control all information and also make / get statistics about general informations.

There is also another section on the system that for unknown and forgotten items at airport. Responsible Airport autority lost n found office (ICF in Antalya) also uploaded theese unknown and forgotten items pictures and informations to the system.

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